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Your Project at your Fingertips with Evercam

Since the normalisation of Google Maps to our society, software companies over the world have come to the market with a unique selling point, which is fixated on utilising the power of location and geo-spatial to improve the end users experience.

In fact, a lot of what we do at GagaMuller is offer geo-spatial project management through different platforms to better inform the client and project team of progress on site.

Apps like Uber, Waze and Airbnb have all focused our minds geo-spatially and it is this that has given a thirst for a similar control to be present in the construction industry.

Our very own app PlanLoader allows us to geo-spatially manage the site by managing tasks and resources on a location based view. It is our firm belief and vision that the industry is moving towards locational based project management especially in light of recent barriers identified from the COVID pandemic.


One such platform that is really taking the market by storm in the past few years is Evercam.

What these clever folks have conceptualised is that cameras on site are not just powerful for CCTV security. Their vision expanded to that of being the “eyes in the skies” for your project. A clear focus in project management, dispute resolution and health & safety on our sites.

What is very interesting is the value of the output is many times higher than what CCTV security solves. Identifying program opportunities, dispute avoidance and health & safety mitigation on site, which can account for cost savings in the tens of thousands.

What It Offers

The solution is simple: Install a camera on site and offer the live stream and data to the fingertips of the project management team. Having immediate access to live stream on your phone or laptop aids for a much simpler and clearer conversation between the project teams, especially as many now work from home!

The outputs of the solution are impressive, especially considering the price which comes in at around €350/month.

Considering there are still construction sites that pay more to specialist photographers for just time lapses of their projects it would seem like moving to the Evercam solution is a no brainer when you look at their outputs to their customers:

  • Time-lapse Recording

  • Full 4k Video Recording

  • Live View (Private or Shared)

  • Mobile Phone Access

  • Scheduled Images by Email

  • Incident Archiving

  • Uptime Monitoring (Tampering / Failure alert)

  • Monthly Professional Edited Time-lapse

  • End of Project Professional Edit & Handover

  • 4G Broadband

  • Unlimited User Accounts

  • Project Management Software Integration

The spread across the verticals within a construction company that may benefit from Evercam is also worth noting. Different departments have different reasons to use the cameras: Project Management, Logistics, Board level reporting and even marketing material.

Artificial Intelligence

What is amazingly powerful and exciting is Evercams roadmap for the use of Artificial Intelligence. In layman's terms, Evercam are teaching the software they are building to recognise objects that the camera sees. Quantity Surveyors in particular will be watching this closely over the coming few years as the team are educating their system to count these objects.

In practical terms:

  • Counting concrete trucks in and out of site

  • Counting Skip wagons

  • Counting precast panels to site

  • Counting OFE or OFCI equipment deliveries

  • Counting machines in use on site

  • Counting machines lying idle on site.

This list could go on for days, especially as more and more industry experts start to give feedback to the team at Evercam on their use case and requirements. We know that right about now you yourself are probably dreaming up what this software could do for you and the hassle and costs it could save. It is clear this technology is not only here to stay but is growing in power with every additional project and site it appears on.

Plug & Play

Adoption of such a technology should be simple considering the benefits it brings to the site. You will have far better visuals of your progress in real time unlocking greater productivity potential across your portfolio and all for a very reasonable price considering the outputs. Identifying one machine idle on site would more than cover the costs of the solution alone….and we all know the cost savings that would become apparent as soon as you started tracking material deliveries and truck movements into site, don’t we!

Adopting Locational Based Technology

At GagaMuller, we have found that implementing locational based solutions were met with mixed reviews in the past, however since the requirements on digital solutions has sky rocketed due to COVID, where more and more of the management workforce operate remotely, the fear towards location based solutions is residing, being severely outweighed by the benefits it brings.

Apps such as PlanLoader, and Evercam are growing in popularity very quickly. It is the early adopters, the innovators and intrapreneurs within large organisations that have the vision to see the benefits of these solutions and returning huge savings and identifying huge productivity gains on their projects.

Speak to the Team

The lads are great, they are more than helpful to demo the solution on live sites. Evercam are currently in use across Ireland, UK, USA and even Australia. A great example of a successful Irish tech start-up in the construction industry. There is not a lot of tech start-ups in construction, given its nature, so it is very refreshing to see a success story like Evercam showing that it can be done. Onwards and upwards to the team. We at GagaMuller would strongly recommend making their solution part of your portfolio.


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