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Risk Management


Our portfolio and risk analytics solution offers unparalleled transparency into every nuance of your portfolio.

Gain deeper insight into Value-at-Risk and forward-looking risk and perform trade simulations and scenario analysis.

Consolidate all your risk calculations in one place with a complete risk analytics and reporting solution. With all the standard risk measures you need and integrated data and analytics, our solutions can keep you compliant — and competitive.

From historical risk and backtesting to up-to-the-microsecond alerts, you can have a single, simple-to-use interface with a uniquely sophisticated tool set. 


Key benefits

A digital structure promotes evidence-based informed decisions removing narratives and personal preference agendas

More transparency on risk to your projects

Immediate real-time warnings to quicker decision making

Predictive analytics for repeat risks across portfolio

Automated checks on risk to design and delivery schedule

Automated checks on health of drawings and model health

Key benefits

Where would you like to apply our Risk Management expertise?

Plan phase

Build phase

Operate phase

Our help

At GagaMuller Group our core strength is Data analytics and technology.

Our in-house team of software developers coupled with our Project Delivery experts ensure all considerations for a successful project delivery are considered. 

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Our help

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