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Improve your Mark-Up Game with Screenpresso

Not all cool applications and technology have to come with a price tag you know.

This week’s article is a little lighter on the pocket, but maintains the weight in output that our recommendations can bring you. This week's recommendation, I can guarantee, once you download it, you will never look back, AND it's free!

So how are you currently recording your screen, taking screenshots and sending mark-ups to your co-workers? Recording your screen or marking up screenshots is extremely common especially in todays environment where our whiteboards in the office aren’t getting as much attention. Screen grabbing and recording can be useful in many verticals in construction.


It is a highly powerful screen capture tool. It allows the user to save captured images in various formats and also save all recent screen capture history.

  • Light-weight and powerful screen capture tool with a built-in image editor

  • Highlights captured images with arrows, colorful bubbles, text boxes, and much more.

  • Captured images can be converted into PDF, MS Word or HTML documents

Those of you who have Screenpresso find yourself currently nodding and reading in agreement here. Those of you who don’t currently use it are probably suggesting why the need for it? Why not use the snipping tool that comes standard with my machine?

Well, my friend, there isn’t even a close comparison here.

Free to download with quick and easy installation the power of Screenpresso is immediate. It's clear differentiator for its users is it's quick access toolbar, to either screenshot your screen or take a video, and its ability to store all previous records in a useful pop up widget. But by far its most impressive feature is its editing capabilities.

The built in editor that Screenpresso has will enhance your IT game to a new level. Using simple annotations and visuals you can easily get your point across to your team with intuitive mark-up capabilities. Use it for recording your screen when conducting “how to” videos or training material for your staff.

Have an issue with a drawing and want to quickly articulate to your design team, screen shot and mark up to send via email. Have an idea of where you need to place your site accommodation and laydown areas for logistics, mark it up. Communication your boundaries and zones during site preparation with freehand and box outs. Identifying your crane swing and positioning with circular radius mark-ups, the list here could go on.

You can add text or even blur out privacy notes and mark up text for better narratives.

A quick “Ctrl + C” and “Ctrl + V” into your email and your communication skills level up too.

I would say Screenpresso is in action at least 10 times per day in my role and yet it has taken me this long to give it a review and recommendation. Why? Because it's just there, unnoticed, but essential to my job.

It does what it does and not until you change laptops or use a different computer do you immediately get overcome with panic when you realise it is no longer available to you. The old saying holds through with this one, you don’t know what you have got until it is gone.

We are not recommending that you conduct design reviews and implement your drawing approval process through this mark-up and edit process.

There is obviously a more controlled space for this to happen. But just for your day to day annotations and appendix’s that you might add to an email or document in order to give your co-workers more clarity is where the use of Screenpresso really does save you potential hours in wasted narratives and unclear explanations.

At GagaMuller Group we were openly asked on calls how we annotated and marked up our visuals with very neat and clean interface, well, wonder no more!

Download today, it's free, and you are welcome.


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