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GIS Specialist



Job Type

Full Time

The perks of working with us

- Up to 27 Days Holidays a year
- Pension scheme
- Health cover - Fully paid health insurance including dental
- Group life insurance - plus additional voluntary benefits
- Wellness - from seminars and health coaching to group classes and fitness challenges
- Sports clubs and social events
- Target driven bonus scheme
- Accelerated career development
- WFH Flexibility
- Tech & Well-being focused Ergonomics (Dual screen, Stand-up desks)
- Big Tech Office layout style.
- Educational assistance and professional development programmes
- Sports clubs and social events

About us

At GagaMuller Group we approach this industry much differently. Learning from other industries more aligned to our culture such as technology, we have found the importance of vision, good culture, and the need for individuals to make a difference in this industry. So, before we tell you about the job requirements lets first tell you about your requirements.


As a GIS Specialist you will play a central role in building our GIS Library for our new Geospatial application for the construction industry. Implementing and defining a structured databased hosting project task information within 2D floor plan, 3D model and hosted in Geospatial portfolio level site view.

A high level of professionalism with the ability to handle a lot of information is crucial to this role. Strong time management and communication skills are essential to carry out the role as well as efficient organisational skills with the ability to administer tasks over multiple priorities. The ability to exercise good judgement in a variety of situations and comfortable working under pressure, while remaining flexible, proactive, and efficient. The selected candidate will be self-motivated, innovative and passionate about data. She/he will work across multiple geographies with cross-functional teams in a fast-paced, and collaborative, environment and play a significant role in the growth of the company.


- GIS mapping, analysis, data capture, data management and geoprocessing
- Asset mapping, curation and spatial analysis using ArcGIS Desktop
- Creation, geocoding, cleaning and maintenance of spatial datasets
- Conducting SQL analysis of larger databases (GeoDirectory, POWSCAR)
- Maintenance of existing web GIS applications (ArcGIS Online)
- WebApp development, Widget Modification, Data Management within AGOL
- Using a range of data visualisation tools to present GIS data to clients (AGOL, Tableau, QlikView, Carto, using Adobe Suite for infographic design: photoshop, illustrator )
- Using geo-processing tools to examine datasets, create new information or investigate patterns.
- Developing Python automation tools to load data to PostGIS, for interfacing with QGIS and ArcGIS
- Creation of route maps, strip maps and wayleave maps utilising GIS.
- Automate standard GIS processes using scripts and tools (e.g. Python, ArcPy)
- Configuration and support of WebGIS applications (e.g. publishing of data services, configuration of Esri AGOL/WAB technologies, GeoServer/MapServer experience)
- Working with WebGIS components and their connectivity (e.g. open source, Esri or similar)
- Data Capture from a number of drawing formats including DGN, DXF etc. into GIS.
- Data capture from reference documentation in office format or raster.
- Data capture of field data.
- Creation of site works drawings.
- Loading and manipulating and analysing GIS data in geotechnical data management system.
- Extraction and formatting of AutoCAD/Civil 3D data into GIS formats and vice versa.
- Creation of custom offline web maps and web applications (ArcGIS Portal, ArcGIS Online or other)Generate data validation and verification processes to ensure accuracy within GIS systems using ArcMap, ModelBuilder or python)
- Integration of third party add-on web map data into customised System


- Experience with QGIS and ArcGIS Online
- Strong knowledge and experience of GIS theory and application;
- Experience in both ArcGIS desktop and ArcGIS Pro;
- Experience delivering GIS projects for internal and external clients;
- Advanced numeracy, analytical and computer skills for data manipulation and data management;
- Construction experience preferred:
- Good experience to QA processes in GIS/Data Processing
- Knowledge of AutoCAD and GIS drawings including 2D maps and engineering drawings
- Knowledge of AutoCAD Civil 3D and our specialist geotechnical data management software to produce geological cross section diagrams and 3D outputs where required.
- Experience in managing teams working across geographies and fulfilling delivery commitments
- Experience in procurement, analysing and processing of remote sensing data (including LiDAR) to produce 2D and 3D models in AutoCAD and GIS.
- Good knowledge of GE Small world tools
- Excellent communication and teamwork skills;
- Knowledge of developing and promoting GIS solutions through an agile approach;
- Knowledge of databases and GIS integration (ArcGIS Server/ArcSDE);
- Experience of broader ESRI product suite including ArcGIS Server, Enterprise Portal and ArcGIS Online;
- GIS development and customisation (Python, FME, JavaScript, .NET, C#);
- Experience of data capture using mobile devices (use of Collector, Survey 123 or alternatives);
- Understanding of BIM principles and awareness of ISO 19650.
- Demonstrable knowledge and experience in; ArcGIS desktop, AGOL, Spatial databases and database management, SQL experience, data extraction, processing and statistical analysis in Excel
- A wider knowledge/interest in areas of GIS research as applied to urban planning, economics, geography and the power of GIS and data
- Data mining (including extraction) experience
- Knowledge of GeoDirectory and Geocoding
- Socioeconomic and spatial data analysis using ArcGIS Desktop
- Excel and spreadsheet analytics for public and private sector reporting
- SQL analysis of larger databases (GeoDirectory, POWSCAR)
- Maintenance of existing webGIS applications (ArcGIS Online, Mapbox, Carto)
- WebApp development, Widget Modification, Data Management within AGOL
- Creation, geocoding, cleaning and maintenance of spatial datasets
- Using a range of data visualisation tools to present GIS data to clients (AGOL, Tableau, QlikView, Carto)

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