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Facebook starts work on final phase of €1.25bn Fort Worth data centre campus

Started in 2015, the data centre campus will finally be completed in 2022 and employ 200 staff.

The new €165 million addition to Facebook’s Fort Worth data centre will increase the capacity of the company’s ‘cold storage’ facilities for posts, photos, and videos that are rarely accessed by users.

Following completion of the work, the campus will employ around 200 staff, including both Facebook employees and contractors.

Microsoft announces Azure data centre region in Denmark

Microsoft has announced a data centre region for its Azure cloud services in Denmark.

The new data centre region will be accompanied by a Microsoft campaign to help get Demark's public sector online and an investment to train 200,000 Danes in digital skills by 2024.

Data centre building is apparently immune to the economic woes caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and is therefore part of many governments' reconstruction plans.

Microsoft announces Chile data centre region

Microsoft has announced a data centre region in Chile, along with an initiative to stimulate the country's digital economy and train people in digital skills. The Transforma Chile program will provide training for up to 180,000 citizens in Chile.

Microsoft president Brad Smith claimed the Microsoft cloud ecosystem will create $11.3 billion more revenue and 51,000 new jobs in Chile over the next four years.

Google opens second data centre in the Netherlands

Google’s new data centre in Middenmeer, the Netherlands, has begun operations this week. This is now Google’s second data centre in the Netherlands, with the other one situated in Eemshaven, near Groningen. GagaMuller have played a part in the recent upgrades at the Eemshaven centre.

Google says the new data center was designed from the outset to minimize energy consumption, with the company claiming that it has been able to radically slash power consumption per unit of compute power with each new data centre it opens.

Martijn Bertisen, Google country manager for the Netherlands, recently stated “Compared to five years ago, Google now gets about seven times as much computing power from the same amount of energy”, this is extremely impressive progression in energy consumption.

Google's total data centre investments in the Netherlands have now reached €2.5 billion, with the expansion of the company’s Eemshaven data centre expected to be completed in early 2021.


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