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Creating 3D Visuals to Assist with Funding Grants

We recently worked with a local GAA club in Milford, Co. Cork. The club’s vision was straightforward. They wanted to enhance the GAA ground facilities for the entire community to enjoy. To achieve this, they divided the overall vision into smaller projects and action this over a five-year period.

For a GAA Club, or any company, to have a vision is just the beginning. To get other stakeholders to understand the vision and assist with the financing of it to make it a reality is the challenging part. Instead of approaching the various funding councils and boards over the next five years with arbitrary plans and sketches, Milford GAA Club decided to use 3D Visualisations to demonstrate their intentions.

The 3D video and rendered images can be used to communicate the five-year plan and the various sub-projects while also allowing those involved to specifically understand where the funding is intended to be applied.

To produce these 3D visualisations, the various GagaMuller Group divisions worked on the project at different stages.

The below article details the different processes that were used to generate the 3D visualisations.

Client Meeting

The initial client meeting took place on site. This enabled the GagaMuller Project Management Division to develop an understanding of the client’s requirements and what they aimed to achieved at the GAA Club. The GagaMuller Project Management Division then oversaw the completion of this work while working with the other GagaMuller Group divisions departments.

Drone Survey

To ensure that every detail of the site was captured during the site visit, the GagaMuller Geospatial Surveying Division flew a drone over the GAA grounds. Using the data that the drone captured, they created a 3D Point Cloud Model of the existing site.

Existing GAA Grounds in Point Cloud Format

The Proposed Model

With the point cloud model now converted into Autodesk Revit format, the GagaMuller 3D Modelling Division began the process of modelling all the elements that the client requested and associating them with an ‘Existing’ phase of install. Various processes were used in creating the topographical and building enhancements that were requested.

Proposed Enhancements to GAA Grounds in Revit Format

Bringing the Vision to Life

Once all the modelling of the proposed works was completed and signed off by the GAA Club Committee, the GagaMuller 3D Modelling Division set about creating the photorealistic imagery and videos that would be used by the client.

There are various rendering software’s that can be used. For this project, the GagaMuller 3D Modelling Division used Twinmotion to create the visuals required. For this project, 40 images and a 3-minute video were produced using the software.

3D Render from Twinmotion


The visualisations were used to create a document detailing each of the sub-projects and what each entailed (image below). The video was edited to include annotation and text overlay accompanied by some background music. The documents were handed over to the client enabling them to apply for funding and showcase how each round of funding is part of a larger development strategy for the GAA Club.


If you would like to talk to GagaMuller Group about working with your club or community organisation to create similar visuals to assist with your funding requirements, please get in touch today.


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